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Dear friends, please note that our service is only available in kerela. For more details, check our branch details. If anyone come with our offers to you please contact us to make sure that they are authorized. Before investing your money, make sure that you are investing with us.

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0481 3148774, 3148775, 3148450 : 0481 3157357, 3153058, 3174215

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Allianz Financial Corporation

A company established in the year 1995 with a view to render financial aid to the needy, with special attention to low and middle class generation of the state. Farsighted efforts of the company has been proved to be a grant success in view of the utmost satisfaction of thousands of customers as well as the sound financial position of the company...

Corporate Office

Allianz Financial Corporation
Igloo Tower,
Puthanangady Road,